BioSB Breakout Session: 60-minute FAIRification of a dataset

On this page you can find the instructions and resources needed for the session.

This session is organised by Daphne van Beek (UMCU), Mark Thompson (LUMC), Kees Burger (LUMC) and Rajaram Kaliyaperumal (LUMC).


Below you can find the material that is required for the BioSB '60-minute FAIRification of a dataset' breakout session.

As we wanted this workshop not to be domain specific, and our preparations started during the city council elections, we decided to focus on a dataset with political parties in the Netherlands. The instances for FAIRifying and querying are temporary and will be available until the 31st of May 2018.

  • Dataset - The original dataset with political parties in the Netherlands.
  • Wikitable2csv - Tool to convert Wikipedia table to CSV.
  • Datamodel - This datamodel was generated based on the political parties dataset.
  • OpenRefine/FAIRifier - Temporary instance for FAIRifying the dataset.
  • Queries - Some example queries that will be used during the session.
  • Triple Store Query GUI (YasGUI) - Use this to query the combined datasets using the link to the triple store:
  • Slides - Slides of the main presentation.


Below you can find some resources that might be interesting as a follow up to the breakout session. Some of the resources are general, others are Life Science oriented.

  • Linked Open Data Cloud - Please note the extensiveness of the linked data sources that are available in the Life Sciences field.
  • DNA-seq and RNA-seq data models - These data models were made in a 'Bring your own data workshop' and can be used to convert datasets to a FAIR representation.
  • VCF-to-FAIR conversion Python script - This is also a result from the 'Bring your own data workshop'. The script can be used to convert a VCF file to a FAIR representation, based on the DNA-seq model mentioned above.
  • B2Share repository - B2Share is the first repository making an effort to also expose their data as a Fair Data Point.
  • GeneWiki - Find linked data resources corresponding to genes.
  • EBI SPARQL endpoint - Also contains (beginner and advanced) example SPARQL queries.
  • Wikidata Query Service - Query the WikiData SPARQL endpoint.
  • End-to-end FAIR YouTube video - View more examples of FAIRifications of datasets.
  • DTL website - Here you can find more information about the FAIR principles and how to learn more about them.

Contact us

If there are any questions left unanswered after the '60-minute FAIRification of a dataset' session, you can contact us.